Daniel Mainwaring

Thirty years ago I cut my teeth in writing fiction and enjoyed both sci-fi and historical fiction.A strange combination right? I agree. As time went on I found myself drawn away from fiction and spent many years working on factual matters related to travel and business. It kept me very busy and I enjoyed the research and the writing. But in recent years, I've slowed down on the steady work of "fact" and slowly returned to my first love: fiction.

I must confess that I have a certain devilish very dry sense of humor. This manifests itself in my books. I don't strive to write comedy -- far from it -- but if you're seeking something absolutely dry and heavy on science then you're looking in the wrong place. If you're looking for something with an actual scientific basis, careful research and just a dash of dry humor then I may be your man.

I'm interested in concepts but fundamentally I am far more interested in people. If a volcano erupts, that is interesting. But I'm more interested in how people react to it. I'm fortunate in that I have travelled the world and seen the proverbial good, bad and ugly. That is what drives my stories.

Coming 31 May 2021

coming SOON

MDCCC Heritage Series

London 1851, the city is abuzz in anticipation of The Great Exhibition. Merchants, artisans and industrialists from across the globe descend on the city to showcase their exhibits. It is also a glorious opportunity to showcase the breadth and power of the British Empire.

German-Jewish immigrant Henry Sacker busily prepares for a rush of customers at his Kensington coffee shop. Its proximity to the event means he will attract a wide variety of patrons from across the globe. However, one visitor is most unwelcome. A man with a murky past who Henry last met while working for the British government in India.

The Monarchy is in danger, and Henry’s family are unwitting pawns in a pernicious conspiracy encompassing the United States and Prussia. Henry has to weigh his love for his family against his loyalty to his adopted state.

A vast man-made resort island offers permanent relief to a drought-stricken continent. As corporate interests clash with archeological concerns, dangerous forces threaten the future of the island -- and the globe. As a legendary deity seems to awaken, mankind's hopes rest in the hands of a journalist, a janitor, and a travel agent.